Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

Selected Peer-Review Journals Articles

Menus of Manipulation: Authoritarian Continuities in Central Asian Elections.” (with Rob Kevlihan). Demokratizatsiya: The Journal of Post-Soviet Democratization 25/4 (2017): 407-434.

Ireland’s Foreign Relations in 2016’, Irish Studies in International Affairs (Vol. 28, 2017) pp. 201-223.

Strategies of legitimation in Central Asia: regime durability in Turkmenistan.” (with Abel Polese and Slavomír Horák) Contemporary Politics 23/4 (2017): 427-445.

Ireland’s Foreign Relations in 2015’, Irish Studies in International Affairs (Vol. 27, 2016) pp. 235-278.

‘The Secret Lives of Unrecognised States: internal dynamics, external relations and counter-recognition strategies’ (with Giorgio Comai & Ann Tsurtsumia-Zurabashvili), Small Wars and Insurgencies 27/3 May 2016 pp. 440-466.

Introduction: hybrid warfare in post-Soviet spaces,’ Small Wars and Insurgencies (with Abel Polese and Rob Kevlihan) 27/3 (May 2016) pp. 361-366.

‘Ireland’s Foreign Relations in 2014’, Irish Studies in International Affairs (Vol. 26, 2015) pp. 275-320.

‘Elections without recognition: presidential and parliamentary contests in Abkhazia and Nagorny Karabakh’, Caucasus Survey, Vol. 3/ 3 (October) 2015 pp. 239-257. (alternative link)

‘Imagined democracy’? Nation-building and Elections in Central Asia (with Rob Kevlihan), Nationalities Papers Volume 43/3 (2015)  pp.  495-513.

‘Go West: Georgia’s European identity and its role in domestic politics and foreign policy objectives’ (with Frederik Coene), Nationalities Papers Volume 42/6 (2014) pp. 923-941.

‘Ireland’s Foreign Relations in 2013’, Irish Studies in International Affairs (Vol. 25, 2014) pp. 259-301.

‘Elections in De Facto States: Abkhazia, Nagorno-Karabakh and Transnistria’ политические науки (Political science) (July 2014) [in Russian]  pp. 135-161.

‘Ireland’s Foreign Relations in 2012’, Irish Studies in International Affairs (Vol. 24, 2013) pp. 347-376.

‘Threading a needle – Kazakhstan between civic and ethno nationalist state-building’ (with Rob Kevlihan), Nations and Nationalism Volume, 19/2 (April 2013) pp. 337-356

‘The Role of External Actors in Post-Soviet Frozen Conflicts’, Contemporary Central Asia, Volume 17/1, (August 2013) pp.  30-48.

‘Ireland’s Chairmanship of the OSCE – A Mid-Term Review’, Irish Studies in International Affairs (Vol. 23, 2012) pp. 89-109.

‘The Dynamics of Electoral Politics in Abkhazia’, Communist and Post Communist Studies, 27/1-2 (June 2012) pp. 165-174

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‘The colour revolution virus and authoritarian antidotes: political protest and regime counter attacks in post-communist spaces’ Demokratizatsiya: The Journal of Post-Soviet Democratization, 19/3 (Spring 2011) pp. 111-132.

‘Rocking the Vote’: New forms of youth organisations in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union’ (with Abel Polese) Journal Of Youth Studies, 13.5 (2010) pp. 615-630

‘”Slightly Constitutional” Politics: Fianna Fáil’s tortuous entry to the Irish Parliament, 1926-27’. Parliamentary History, 29/3 (2010) pp. 376-394.

‘Was Sinn Féin Dying? A quantitative post mortem of the party’s decline and the emergence of Fianna Fáil’. Irish Political Studies, 24/3, pp.385-398.

‘Roses and Tulips: Dynamics of Regime Change in Georgia and Kyrgyzstan’. Journal Of Communist Studies And Transition Politics (East European Politics) 25/2&3, pp.199-226.

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“From Revolutionaries to Politicians: Deradicalization and the Irish Experience.” Radical History Review 85.1 (2003): 114-123.